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We love to meet up with friends in a café or have a beer. Kathrin talks more than Simon. At least most of the time ;)
But we don´t want to talk about us - we are more interested in your story!
Let´s become friends and make your wedding day the most special ever.
So looking forward to get to know you better.
We start.


Kathrin's heart beats for nature. Being outdoors in the mountains or at the sea is the best. Feeling the sun on her skin and breathing in the fresh air is what makes her feel alive.
Her favorite things to do are mountainbiking, hiking, climbing and enjoying other peoples companion during a vegan BBQ.
She wears the biggest smile while holding close to Simon when we cruise together on his oldtimer scooter to the next ice cream parlor. She prefers to end the day in our garden by campfire with bread, friends and guitar music.

Simons loves dark green forests, autumn days and the mountains. No matter how high the mountain, he has to climb upon to enjoy the view and eat a huge portion of Kaiserschmarren and then rush down again by mountainbike.
His unique calmness and his ability to explain the most complex things in an understandable way, makes everyone around him feel good and safe.
A cozy dinner and a game night complete his perfect day. But only if he wins, of course ;)

We are mastering the adventures of life and enjoy our time to the fullest together since 2009. We love traveling, spending quality time with friends, good veggie food, watching visually stunning movies in the cinema (like Walter Mitty, who reminds us of our trip to Iceland), everything you can imagine that has to do with the mountains, our one-coffee-a-day in the afternoon and most of all: that we can spend our time together, get to know amazing people and are able to make them happy with our pictures. Which brings us back to you :)

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100% You

Besides the aesthetics, it is very important to us that you find yourself in your pictures! Your genuine laughter, the loving interaction with each other, the relationship to your families and friends. We make the emotions visible and quietly look for the little side notes that make your day unique: little gestures, funny sayings, self proclaimed dancing bears and everything that happens in the background and might even not be noticed.

If you are just yourself and enjoy the day with your guests to the fullest, the best photos are created. Informal and cheerful, that will always remind you how happy you were on your great day. We come as friends and make it easy for you to feel good.

We look forward to celebrating with you :)

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Your love is special and deserves to be held forever!


Love has no boundaries. We were able to accompany couples in Canada, Norway, Vietnam, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Iceland and all over Germany and are happy if you take us to your favorite places! No matter if Berlin, Mallorca or Bella Italia :)

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